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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

What is a Return-to-Work Program and is it Right for Your Business?

According to the Workers Compensation Research Institute, employees who are disabled for longer than six months have less than a 50% chance of ever returning to their job. If they are off work longer than a year, the...

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Do you need employment practices liability coverage?

You own a small business with only a few employees. Do you really need employment practices liability insurance? The answer is most likely yes. Called EPL for short, this is a vital coverage designed to protect your...

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Do you need a commercial auto insurance policy?

You run your own business. Do you need commercial auto insurance? It's an important question. As a general rule, if your vehicle is being used for business purposes, you may need a commercial auto insurance policy. Do...

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Work at Home? What you need to know about insurance

It's estimated that more than half of all U.S. small businesses operate out of someone's home. Housing a business in your basement or using your garage as a warehouse can be a great way to launch a business or save...

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