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Adventure with a Side of Safety when Driving your Motorcycle

As we are winding into all outdoor lovers' favorite time of the year, it is exceedingly important to note how dangerous the great outdoors really can be.  When participating in adventurous activities, everyone should be aware of the risk they are taking and the possible damage that may occur, whether physical, monetary, or both.  Before embarking on your next outdoor excursion, it is imperative to be aware of specific risks, preventative measures, and weather conditions. 

While motorcycles are increasingly popular, especially in the South, it is essential to note that they are only easy to ride with proper training.  Being an educated rider is very helpful to all on the road.  

  • Motorcycle safety courses are beneficial and informative.  By taking one of these courses, you, as the rider, are taught how to handle changing traffic patterns, cars, pedestrians, and other motorcycles in the safest manner. 
  • Always wear the appropriate motorcycle gear.  The proper equipment keeps you as a rider safe from the elements, such as the sun, debris, and road rash.  Dress in multiple layers so you can adapt to weather changes. 
  • Always remember to be visible, be observant, be safe!

As an Independent Insurance Agency, we can provide a selection of Insurance companies to choose from when purchasing coverage for your recreational vehicles. Cowart Insurance has your back when looking for coverage that matches your lifestyle and level of adventure!