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17 Grilling Safety Tips for the Summer

With summer temperatures on the way, you may be getting the itch to fire up the grill. We don’t blame you. Grilled food is delicious! We just want you to be safe about it. Whether you’re grilling steaks and vegetables or smoking a brisket, keep these grilling safety tips in mind. 

  • Keep all children and animals away from the grill. Accidents happen and the last thing you want is your pet or child getting burned.
  • Never grill on a slant. You should only grill on a level surface.
  • Keep your grill away from your home. Aim to keep it at least 10 feet away from all structures.
  • Never grill inside your house, garage, basement or on your porch. Your grill should be used in an open area with nothing above it. Grilling indoors can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning which is deadly. Do not use your grill near low hanging branches.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby as well as baking soda or a bucket of sand. Never use water to fight a grease fire. It will only make it worse. Make sure you and your family know how to use your fire extinguisher as well.
  • Call 911 immediately if there’s a fire.
  • If you have a gas grill, you should frequently check for propane leaks. Rub a solution on the hoses that’s half water and half liquid soap. Then, open the valve on your tank. If you find bubbles along the hoses or connections, you have a leak and should not use your grill.
  • Do not start your gas grill with the lid closed. This can create a fireball.
  • If you use a charcoal grill, don’t overuse lighter fluid. This can also lead to fires and cause severe burns. Once the grill is lit, do not add more.
  • The grill should never be left alone once it’s lit.
  • Use the appropriate grilling tools to prevent burns. Grilling tools are longer than normal for a reason. Don’t skimp out on them.
  • Once you light the grill, don’t move it.
  • Clean your grill every time you use it. Excess buildup can lead to flare-ups. Don’t forget to clean the drip trays too!
  • Don’t cook too much at once. You may want all of the food to be done at the same time but if you grill too much at once a fire may start. Fat drips down into the flames as you cook and too much of it can cause a flare-up.
  • Do not transfer cooked food onto any plate or surface that was in contact with raw meat or uncooked foods. Use clean plates and utensils each time you remove something from the grill. This can help you prevent cross-contamination.
  • Don’t forget to turn off the grill! It’s easy to forget to turn off the grill when you’re ready to eat. However, this can lead to disaster.
  • Keep your grill covered when it is not in use and once it has cooled off completely. This can protect it from insects and bad weather.