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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Have a child in college? It's a great time for an insurance review

Students who reside off-campus may not be fully covered under their family's homeowner's or renters insurance policies and should consider acquiring their own renters insurance coverage. And whether a student lives on-...

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Tips for College Bound Students

Whether your child is returning to college or starting their first year, it is an exciting and stressful time for you. You want to make sure everything is covered, from what you need to do before they go to what they...

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Make Recycling and Reducing Routine

"Reduce, reuse, recycle." Most likely, you've heard that catchy phrase connected with information about saving natural resources and even saving your family money. But how many of us really make reducing, reusing and...

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Keep your kids safe (and out of the ER) this summer

- With all the fun stuff there is to do when it's warm outside, it's no surprise that emergency room visits spike during the summer months. Each summer, hundreds of thousands of children end up in the ER for a variety...

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RV Gadgets

Useful tools to enhance your RV experience You know that taking to the road in your RV is fun - that's why you do it! But vacationing on the road can have its troubles, like dead batteries, flat tires and missed...

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