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RV Safety Tips

Getting into a camper and setting off to explore a new place is very exhilarating and being one with nature is a serene experience.  However, not properly preparing yourself for an RV trip can quickly turn that serenity into disruption and chaos. Consider taking time to prepare for your trip with some of these tips.

  • Learn everything you can about your RV before taking off on your trip.  Your vehicle's manual can be your best friend.
  • Practice driving, parking, and preparing the RV for your trip before your departure date.
  • Prepare a list to use to inspect your RV before and after your trip.  
  • Prepare a checklist of the supplies you will need when traveling.  This will prevent you from making an unexpected stop to purchase items you left at home.
  • Understand the electric load for your RV.  Are you aware you should not plugin and use all the vehicle's appliances at one time?  Have your dealership give you advice on which devices can be plugged in together and which ones cannot.
  • Pack your RV strategically by distributing the weight of your gear.
  • Find a water fill station close to your destination.  Driving with a full water tank can cause sloshing, spilling, and leaks and put you over the weight limit for commercial truck stops, weigh stations, and DOT checkpoints. 

Pledging to stay safe when participating in outdoor activities makes them more enjoyable for all.  As an Independent Insurance Agency, we can provide a selection of Insurance companies to choose from when purchasing coverage for your recreational vehicles

Cowart Insurance has your back when looking for coverage that matches your lifestyle and level of adventure!