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5 Year Simple Issue Term Insurance vs. Credit Life

5 year Simple Issue Term Life Insurance is a much better buy than Credit Life Insurance

Many people purchase items such as Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles, and furniture on credit. Some take out loans to pay their taxes or medical bills, or to consolidate their debts. Others have short-term needs such as college expenses or other family commitments. If one of the family’s wage earners dies before the loan or commitment is satisfied, the family could face financial peril.

We have a product that helps protect families against this risk that is much more affordable than Credit Life Insurance. It is a “Simplified-Issue 5-Year Level Term Life Insurance policy” from Auto-Owners Insurance Company. It has only 3 Health Questions to answer.

It is recommended for people with short-term loans (10 years or less) for items such as:

  • Truck or Car Loans
  • Medical expenses
  • Business expenses
  • Business Loan Obligations
  • Business Buy/Sell Agreement
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles
  • Travel Trailers
  • Home furnishings
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Home improvement loan
  • Child or Adult Education costs
  • Tax payments

The Policy features:

  • Only 3 Health Questions to Answer!
  • No physical exam
  • Issue ages 18-70
  • Policy Amounts $10,000 to $50,000
  • Protection last for 5 years – It can be renewed for another 5 years without proving insurability
  • Coverage Starts when the premium is paid.
  • You choose your beneficiary, not your lending institution.
  • You own the policy and have the privileges of an owner. (Not your lender)
  • Non-Smoker & Smoker Rates

We would be happy to discuss this product with you to see if it addresses your need for Short Term Life Insurance. We do have many other Permanent Life Insurance products that are also available.


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