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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Do I need Life Insurance for a Business Partner?

Do you share ownership in a business? If so, what would happen to your company if one of the owners were to pass away? A buy-sell agreement funded with life insurance could be the exact protection needed to keep your...

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Permanent Versus Term Life Insurance in Georgia

When determining your need for life insurance, you need to know which policy is right for you.It is important to understand the biggest differences between term and permanent life insurance when deciding which of these...

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Life Insurance: Covering Loved One's

Purchasing life insurance for your children can admittedly be a little awkward or uncomfortable. Because this important matter doesn’t cross our minds frequently and since many people don’t want to talk about it, it is...

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Make Life Insurance Part of Your Financial Planning!

Many people recognize the importance of life insurance, yet according to the 2015 Insurance Barometer Study by Life Happens and LIMRA, more than 40% of Americans have no life insurance. Life insurance is a subject that...

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How Much Life Insurance Is Enough?

The first step to purchasing Georgia Life Insurance is to determine how much you need. Below you will find a Life Insurance Estimator to help you decide how much life insurance is enough to provide you peace on mind,...

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5 Year Simple Issue Term Insurance vs. Credit Life

5 year Simple Issue Term Life Insurance is a much better buy than Credit Life Insurance Many people purchase items such as Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles, and furniture on credit. Some take out loans to...

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