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Georgia's Distracted Driving Laws:

House Bill 673:  Distracted Driving Legislation

(Important Changes to Georgia Law)

HB 673 would prohibit drivers from holding or supporting a wireless telecommunication device or a stand-alone electronic device while operating a vehicle. Additionally, this measure would maintain the ban on texting, emailing and internet browsing while driving, but would also ban watching or recording videos while driving. GPS navigation and voice-to-text features would still be permitted.

 Drivers would not be allowed to:

  • Physically hold or support a wireless telecommunications device (i.e. mobile phone) or a stand-alone electronic device (i.e. iPad, iPod, Kindle, etc.) with any part of the body;
    • Exceptions would be made for an earpiece, headphone device or telecommunications device worn on a wrist (i.e. smart watch).
  • Write, send or read any text-based communication, including but not limited to instant message, e-mail or internet data;
    • Exceptions would be allowed for voice-to-text technology.
  • Watch a video or movie on a wireless telecommunications device or stand-alone electronic device;
  • Record or broadcast a video on a wireless telecommunications device or stand-alone electronic device;
    • This would not apply to devices used for the sole purpose of continuously recording or broadcasting video within or outside of the motor vehicle (i.e. dash cams).

 Drivers would be allowed to:

  • Use their phone for voice communication on a hands-free basis;
  • Touch their phone for dialing, receiving or ending a call as long as the driver is not holding or supporting the phone;
  • Use their phone for GPS navigation apps;
  • Use voice-to-text technology.

Effective Date:  July 1, 2018