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3 Easy Ways to Reduce the Risk of a Car Crash

Fall is right around the corner, and the cooler weather often prompts people to hop in their cars for a road trip. Unfortunately, too many of those trips will end up being memorable for the wrong reasons due to crashes...

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Driving Dangers: Responding to 4 Unexpected Incidents

You might be headed out on a road trip to a state park or maybe just for a quick visit to the in-laws. But, if you lose your brakes, blow a tire, or experience another unusual (but not unheard of) problem, you could be...

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Georgia's Distracted Driving Laws:

House Bill 673: Distracted Driving Legislation (Important Changes to Georgia Law) HB 673 would prohibit drivers from holding or supporting a wireless telecommunication device or a stand-alone electronic device while...

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Stay Safe on the Road: Avoid Distracted Driving

As technology’s presence grows in our lives – and in our vehicles – it’s becoming easier to be distracted while we’re driving. There are three main types of distraction while driving: visual, manual and cognitive....

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Have you made your pledge to DIFF?

The vast majority of us have been there: Sitting in heavy traffic, tempers flaring and aggressive drivers cutting in and out of lanes. Now you have a chance to do something about it. Join Cowart Insurance Agency and...

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