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Protection for Your Jewelry Items

Fall is upon us and before we know it the holiday season will be here. Oftentimes during the holiday season people buy jewelry to give as gifts. A common question you may have is, “How do I insure my jewelry items?”

There are a few different options available for coverage of jewelry items. Jewelry can be insured under the personal property coverage of your homeowners, mobile homeowners or farm policy. Depending on your need, the coverage can be increased to cover the additional amounts of personal property.

Another option is to schedule the jewelry using a personal inland marine policy/endorsement. Coverage is provided on an “all-risk” basis – meaning everything is covered unless specifically excluded in the policy form. When adding jewelry items on a personal inland marine policy/endorsement, there are two options that Auto-Owners offers:

  • Scheduled Jewelry: This option requires a detailed description of the individual item to be covered and its value. Agreed value can be purchased for items with values up to $75,000 that are specifically scheduled. An appraisal may be required, depending on the item’s value.
  • Jewelry Blanket: This option is a convenient way to cover all of your jewelry items that are lower in value individually, but together could represent a significant loss. A detailed schedule of items to be covered is not required; however, the insurance company may ask for an overall idea of what the items are. When insuring items using the jewelry blanket, no one piece can be valued at more than $5,000. Any item valued over $5,000 should be scheduled separately. The maximum amount of coverage provided by the jewelry blanket is $25,000 per location.

The availability of coverages varies by state. Please call our office for more details.