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Changing Technology in your Home = $ Savings

From the cars we drive to the watches we wear, technology is changing at an ever-increasing pace. But did you know this changing technology, when applied to your home, could mean savings? And not just financially.

When technology is installed and monitored in the home, it can go well beyond everyday tasks such as setting a thermostat or remotely unlocking your front door. It can go as far as reducing the likelihood of severe damage and even improve safety. This means a loss to the home is less likely, and often results in reduced insurance premiums.

AUTOMATIC BACKUP GENERATOR: These are hardwired into the home’s electrical panels by qualified professionals and are fueled by the existing natural gas or LP line. Because they activate without homeowner intervention during a power outage, it means the temperature in the home (and refrigerator) can remain constant. Otherwise, freezing pipes or food spoilage could occur.

WATER SHUT-OFF SYSTEMS: When a whole-home system is installed, the technology can sense water flow at the main water line to your home, and detect that there is no water flow in a room with water outlets. When this is detected, an alarm is activated and the water is shut off automatically, preventing extensive damage.

Make sure your home is leveraged to take advantage of these new advances! Call our office to discuss discounts to your home insurance for these devices.