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Why Life Insurance ? - A Poem for your family....

Life Insurance

You and I have a purpose in this world, that when broken down are quite similar.
It is your job to provide food, clothing, shelter,

Schooling, medicine and other necessary things for you

And your loved ones.
You do this while I lie packed away.
I must have faith and trust in you.
Out of your earnings will come the cost of my upkeep.
At times I may appear to be somewhat worthless to

You…. But someday (and who knows when) you and I

Will change places.
When you are not here my work begins.
Whenever you feel the price you are paying for my

Upkeep is a burden, remember I will pay for your

Family’s needs when you are lost to death.
If you do your part, I will do mine.

Your Life Insurance Policy

Why Life Insurance?
Because the bills don’t stop when the person providing the income does…….

Then I will come alive and do your job.
I will provide food, clothing, shelter, schooling, medicine and other things your family will continue to need……. Just as you are doing now.


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