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Thinking about getting a furry friend?

So you're thinking about getting a pet. You're probably imagining a furry friend to curl up on the couch with while you read a good book or maybe a friend to take with you on your weekend hiking trips. As cute and cuddly as cats and dogs are, they come with a lot of responsibility...and bills. Before you adopt, consider the costs and if you are financially able to care for an animal.

Pets need:

1. A collar

2. Food

3. Water and food bowls

4. A crate

5. Beds

6. Several rounds of shots

7. Heartworm and flea medications

8. Toys

Specific animals require different levels of attention and have special dietary needs. The pet you pick might need behavioral training to stop incessantly chewing your shoes or have a medical problem that requires daily medicine and frequent vet visits.

Look into breeds before choosing your new furry friend and consider purchasing pet insurance. Choosing to insure your pet, will keep you from incurring higher costs at the vet from medications purchases, MRIs, and even surgeries.

In the event of an accident or an unforeseen illness, you might end up having high costs while trying to care for your pet. Dogs residing in Georgia are susceptible to heartworm, which is transferred through mosquito bites. Heartworm can cost upwards of a thousand dollars to cure your pet.

Pet insurance not only covers illnesses but can also cover your expenses in the case of a lost pet, whether they get out of the yard or are stolen. It also can cover boarding your pet if you end up in the hospital.

Pets become part of the family, and like any other family member, it's essential to have peace of mind when it comes to healthcare. Start by providing for your pet in a way that they can't. Contact us today, and we'll help you find the right coverage for your furry friend!