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Which room is the most dangerous in your home?

We all feel pretty safe at home, right? But there’s one room that’s more dangerous than all the others. Any guesses which one?

It’s not the one where the pots simmer on the stove. Or where knives are part of the countertop decor. Or where toasters stand lazily over sinks of soapy dishes.

Nope. Kitchens are not the most dangerous place for you and your family, bathrooms are. Bathrooms generate more injuries than anywhere else.

A whopping 235,000 people visit emergency rooms every year because of bumps, bruises, and breaks they suffered in the bathroom. Most of those injuries – about 81 percent – had something to do with a fall.

A huge number of those falls happened in the tub. About a quarter happened near the toilet. Here are some other interesting facts we found:

  • Almost a third of the injuries – 31 percent – involved a victim’s head. Scary.
  • Most of the victims were women. Nearly three-quarters of the people who visited ERs because of bathroom injuries were female.
  • More falls happen while people are getting out of the tub than while they are getting in.
  • Bathroom injuries generally increase with age, but they peak once a person hits 85.