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Road Tripping? Don't Leave Home Without These Tools

Vintage cars are not like daily drivers, and there’s no sense in pretending that they are. Something always needs to be fixed or, at a bare minimum, tightened.

But which tools? Now, there’s the rub. It really does depend on how far you’re driving. Our friends at Hagerty® have developed a suggested go-to toolbox for trips of around 100 miles, and it contains:

• A set of the most commonly-used box-end wrenches.
• Ratchets and sockets, both big and small.
• A slotted screwdriver and Phillips screwdriver.
• Regular pliers and needle-nosed pliers (vise grips are best).
• A battery terminal cleaner.
• A multimeter.
• An inexpensive electrical kit with a crimping tool and an assortment of butt splices and spade connectors.
• A pair of wire cutters, since the wire cutters on crimping tools always stink.
• A pair of 6-foot lengths of 14-gauge wire, each with a battery charger-sized alligator clip on one end that can bite onto the battery terminal.
• A 20-foot, 14-gauge lamp cord (two-conductor wire) than can be cut and spliced as needed.
• An inexpensive set of metric nuts and bolts. 
• A pack of zip ties.

For these road trips, pack the toolbox, plus either a set of jumper cables or a battery jump pack, and a cigarette-lighter-powered air compressor to inflate tires. 

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