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How Much Life Insurance Is Enough?

The first step to purchasing Georgia Life Insurance is to determine how much you need. Below you will find a Life Insurance Estimator to help you decide how much life insurance is enough to provide you peace on mind, knowing your loved ones are taken care of if something happened to you.

Step 1: Loans $_____________________ (Mortgage, cars, student loans, credit cards, etc.)

Step 2: Income + $__________________ (Income you should replace x number of years)

Step 3 Final Expenses + $____________ (Funeral expenses, medical expenses, etc.)

Step 4: Education + $________________ (Total annual college costs x number of children)

Total Life Insurance Needs: = $_________________

We are here to help you to decide what is the right amount of life insurance coverage for your family or particular situation. Call (770) 339-0447 or send an email with your questions. My email address is: keith [at] cowartinsurance [dot] com