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Disability Income: Protecting Your Biggest Asset

Your home is more than walls and a roof. It is your family’s safe place, your biggest asset and probably your largest expense.

What would happen if you became disabled and could no longer work? Would you be able to pay your mortgage? Would you have to uproot your family?

Those are scary thoughts, but it happens every day. Planning ahead with a disability income policy may be the answer to some of these questions.

With a disability income policy, if you become disabled your policy will pay out a monthly benefit that is similar to your paycheck. No policy will ever replace an income fully, but it could maintain your lifestyle by helping pay your mortgage.

Start by making a list of needs: mortgage, automobile loan, child care, utilities, groceries, etc. Review your liquid assets: How much savings do you have, and how much of it are you willing to use? Could you manage most of your bills if your mortgage was covered?

Once you understand your needs, then review your options. Some employers will offer a workers compensation policy or disability income policy as part of a benefit package. However, these policies may have restrictions and don’t follow you if you have a career change.

An Auto-Owners disability income policy puts the power in your hands. You can ensure that you are protected 24/7, worldwide. The monthly benefit is paid directly to you, to be used for any of your needs. Thinking about not being able to work is frightening, but with the right planning it is something you can handle.