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Does Your College Student Need Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is an often-ignored college essential many forget about until it’s too late. Whether you’re the parent of a college student or the student yourself, you should consider purchasing a renters insurance...

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What Students Should Know About Life Insurance

Considering the massive cost of a college education in America, do you ever wonder how much debt would be left behind in the event that a college student or university graduate passed away? Think about it: Leaving Mom...

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Life Insurance: A Good Investment for Their Future

Purchasing life insurance for children has many advantages and is important in protecting their ability to acquire insurance at a young age.Life insurance is generally purchased for final expenses and replacement income....

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Life Insurance: Covering Loved One's

Purchasing life insurance for your children can admittedly be a little awkward or uncomfortable. Because this important matter doesn’t cross our minds frequently and since many people don’t want to talk about it, it is...

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Should you purchase life insurance for your college-age child?

Co-signing student loans for your child? You may want to consider a life insurance policy as well. As the cost of a college education continues to climb, many parents today are co-signing student loan agreements. But...

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