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How to Use Life Insurance for Estate Planning

Sep 18 2014 Did you know that life insurance can be used as a tool in estate planning? By purchasing a permanent life insurance policy, you can provide immediate, tax-free money to your beneficiaries - and ensure that they have the funds necessary to cover your estate... more

Do I need Life Insurance?

Sep 5 2014 It's estimated that less than half of U.S. households have life insurance. Yet without this important safety net, many families would struggle financially after the death of a loved one. How do you know if your family needs life insurance coverage? Here are... more

Your not Made of Money - Why buy Life Insurance?

Jan 1 2014 Adding another expense to your monthly bills not ideal? What would you trade in order to be able to get life insurance? It may be less than you think... such as just one of these things: Snacks at the movies One weekly fancy coffee Your monthly sushi... more

5 Surprising Reasons You Might Want Life Insurance

Nov 18 2013 Do you think life insurance is just for married couples with kids? Think again. Here are five reasons for why you might want to buy a life insurance policy: You have student loans. Even though some student loans will be forgiven upon death, privately held... more

Why Life Insurance ? - A Poem for your family....

Oct 8 2013 Life Insurance You and I have a purpose in this world, that when broken down are quite similar. It is your job to provide food, clothing, shelter, Schooling, medicine and other necessary things for you And your loved ones. You do this while I lie packed away.... more

How Much Life Insurance is Enough?

Aug 12 2013 Life Insurance is a crucial step in planning for your future. Not only can life insurance provide assurance for your family if you are no longer around, there are life insurance policies that offer benefits while you are living. How much life insurance is... more

Advantages of Whole Life Insurance

Apr 16 2013 When looking at your life insurance needs in the Atlanta, Georgia area, whether your goal is to replace income, send kids to college or take care of final expenses, whole life insurance can provide certainty and peace of mind. The purchase of a whole life... more

Use Life Insurance to Leave a Legacy

Sep 1 2012 Year after year, studies show that Americans give more to charity than the residents of most other countries. We care about our communities and our fellow citizens, and we express that conviction with our donation dollars. As you look at your legacy and the... more

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