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Spring and Summer Storms. Are you ready?

from Cowart Insurance Agency

by Arthur Owens on May 9, 2016

Spring and Summer are wonderful time's of year. Unfortunately, they can also bring major storm activity in the form of torrential rains, hail, high wind, tornadoes or whatever else Mother Nature wants to throw our way. Being prepared to protect your home and contents is important.

Rain, rain, go away…

  • Make sure gutters are clear of debris. When the rains come, it is important that the water has a clear drainage path away from your roof.
  • Secure your gutters. Make sure all extensions are in place and are the proper length to move water away from your foundation.
  • Test your sump pump. Make sure the system is draining properly and mechanical components are in operating order. Consider battery powered backup options.

Whispering winds…

  • Wind storms can do a lot of damage. Make sure your trees are pruned and healthy. Get rid of trees that pose a potential risk for falling on your home or on another property you value.
  • Make sure your outdoor gear (furniture, tools, mowers, etc.) are secure when not in use. These can become either damaged or the cause of damage in a high wind situation.

If the storm hits…

  • • Have tape ready to secure window panes from shattering.
  • • Have extra batteries of all sizes on hand.
  • • Make sure you have key items such as a flashlight, battery-operated radio, cellphone, first-aid kit and water bottles on hand.
  • • Park vehicles in a secure, preferably covered, location.

These are just some ideas on how to be prepared for a potential spring storm season.

We all need to spend time preparing in advance. Share with us your idea's to prepare your home, your family or your business. Everyone should have an emergency plan.

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